Sunday, January 8, 2012



I was bad!
Bad. Bad. Bad. In fact, I went against everything I posted a few days ago about the weekends. Just goes to show, that I do have days when I do let my guard down and (like most) it's on the weekend:( I never said I drive down the perfect road of self discipline :)

So what happened you ask? I went out to celebrate one of my best friends 30th birthdays in conjunction with her and her husband's send off to their new home in California. The celebration was at High Rollers at Foxwoods, which (I might add) is a FANTASTIC place for a celebration.

Saturday I had my typical egg white sandwich for breakfast and 5 (literally 5) pretzels at a 1st birthday party in the afternoon and that was it! GASP yes that was it...until 7 at night! Bad. Bad. Never ever do that! This is an example of what you should
not do:)

When my hubby and I got to Foxwoods early I was ready to eat my own face off and then probably a hand as a side dish. I couldn't resist the burger...just couldn't. The good thing was that it was 90% lean angus beef and I only had 1/2 the bun and only had mushrooms on it (no cheese...yay for me). Were there fries you ask? Yes indeed and they were delicious! They were hand-cut to order, yes I'm serious; hand-cut to order and yeah...did I mention they were delicious. Luckily there weren't many of them. With that said though, given that I had eaten hardly anything, I was still within my calories for the day because I DID get my
Insanity workout in.

BUT, not only did I not keep to my meal plan and not eat properly all day, but I indulged in more than a couple adult beverages. Yup! I'm confessing. I was bad. Bad. Bad. And in case you're wondering, no, I did not have a water in between like I said you should do. Bad. Bad. Bad.
Please note that my husband was driving! So, there it is! My confession.

What is important though is that I am ready and excited to get back at it tomorrow! If you had a weekend like mine, whether it was food or drinks, do
NOT get discouraged. Again, don't get discouraged! Get back at it tomorrow and chalk the weekend up as a learning experience and a good time!

Quote of the day:
"Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination."
~Fitzhugh Dodson~

Stay tuned tomorrow for my Fitness ABC (Soup)...

And don't forget to comment or email me your weekend successes or lack there of ;)

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