Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Insane Insanity and looking at WW...

So, last night while I was doing my Insanity workout, I literally puked a little. Gross, yes, but in some sick twisted way, I was happy. I know you’re thinking I’m nuts, but whatev ;) It was fulfilling to know that I was pushing myself to my limits! A friend once told me, “you know you ran a good race when you puke at the end!” SO TRUE!

These Insanity workouts are just that, INSANE! I know I’ve said it before, but it’s true. I will include a link for you at the end to take a look at their promo video and it is as nuts as it looks. Now, I wouldn’t recommend Insanity to someone just starting out on this fitness venture. I would however recommend a Jillian Michaels DVD or P90X. Now, neither of these are your Richard Simmons type Sweatin’ to the Oldies workout videos! They are intense and they will kick your butt…not to say Richard Simmons didn’t have his place in fitness history, but you get what I’m saying…hopefully!

Throughout my workout last night I kept thinking to myself, “Why the hell am I doing this to myself?” My couch is RIGGHTTTT THERRREE and I could feel my ass gravitating towards it with each jump lunge, frog jump and football stance drill I did. But I kept going. I kept going because the little voice in my head kept saying the following:

· You’re doing this for your son

· You’re doing this so that you won’t go blind (a harsh reality of the effects of MS and what COULD happen, but hasn’t thank God!)

· You’re doing this so you can complete another marathon

· Your’e doing this to be an inspiration to those who may have lost their spark

· You’re doing this for the feeling you get when you slip back into those “skinny jeans” (Come on …you know you have a pair!)

· You’re doing this so you don’t need a wheelchair (another harsh reality of the suck world of MS)

· You’re doing this because IT FEELS SO GOOD WHEN YOU’RE DONE!

Your list may look similar to this. MAKE YOUR LIST OF WHY’S today if you haven’t already. I know I already talked about the “why’s” in a previous post, but they are important and keep you motivated or they get you started. One thing is for sure; if you are reminding yourself of your “why’s” every day and you are passionate about them, you will not stop! You will only start or keep going…

I want to mention Weight Watchers in this post. WW is a fantastic program to get started on if you haven't already. It has changed a lot throughout the years and I love how they emphasize that this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix like all of the other diets out there such as the one that is the opposite of "North Mountain" or starts with an "A" and ends with "ins". Once you stop those diets, you will either A) gain all your weight back and then some and/0r B) end up being so unhealthy on the inside!

So, sign up for WW if you find that you are having problems counting calories. With WW you count points, which are essentially calories. They have GREAT tools that you can use and again, like I mentioned in a past post, is reimbursable by most health insurance carriers in MA. Check out the $1,000,000 challenge that Dr. Oz and WW have teamed up to do. I signed up; not that I'll win the million, but you never know right?

Meals today:

Breakfast: My typical coffee with 2 sugar packets and skim milk served with my egg white and 1 whole egg on 2 slices of bread (80 calories each slice) with 1 slice of cheese (Total Calories: 364 calories)

Snack: Luna chocolate peppermint bar (Calories: 170)

Lunch: Josephs flax pita-only 60 calories for a whole pita with 2 tbls hummus, 2 tbls tabbouleh, 1/2 cucumber and 10 cherry tomatoes (Total Calories: 221) ...I was supposed to have an apple, but didn't end up eating it. I should have though because apples are full of fiber and help fill you up!

Snack: Wallaby strawberry yogurt (Calories: 150)

Dinner: Trader Joe's cranberry stuffing stuffed chicken breast-6 oz (395 calories) with roasted asparagus and mushrooms (each 25 calories): (Total Calories: 445) Glass (5 oz) of Riesling because I had a rough last half of the day (112 will be worth every last freakin' drop!)

TOTAL for the day: 1462...NICE!

Quote of the day: “Unless You Puke, Faint or Die, Keep Going!” ~Jillian Michaels~

...till tomorrow...sugar cravings anyone?


  1. the link to Insanity would be nice huh?:)