Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NOT Excused!

In the spirit of The Biggest Loser's new season on NBC (Tuesday nights-WATCH IT), I am going with their mantra of NO EXCUSES!

I am going to address this fantastic excuse "poster" I conveniently found on Fit Happens LLC's Facebook page. This should be fun:)

#1: "I can't"~ I ask you WHY can't you? Why? You should really erase the word "can't" out of your vocabulary...really. It is a negative word and will only bring negative feelings to your life. So, close your eyes and meditate on it for a minute; erase it. Write the word "can't" on a helium filled balloon and let it go outside if that works for you, but do it and do it today or tomorrow because it's dark out. Replace with "I can and I WILL!"

#2: "I don't have time."
Yes you do. Again, yes you do. It's just a matter of whether or not you make and feel like making the time. I've said it myself a million times too, so I hear you. I really do. BUT, to get your 30 minutes a day, you can wake up 30 minutes earlier. You can take 15 minutes two times a day to get it in, you can not surf Facebook for 30 minutes and instead use that time to get in your exercise. You do have the time. You do. So "just do it!"

#3: "I am too tired."
Hey I hear yah there too! I have a toddler and I work full-time, so I totally understand the tired excuse and I have used that one too. You (and I) have to realize that when you exercise you will actually feel rejuvenated and you have more energy...give it a try! It won't disappoint.

#4: "I can't afford it."
This is one of my all time favorites that I've heard many times. First, you don't need any extra money to get in a good workout. If you have a living room/bedroom floor, you're good to go. That cost is already paid for through your rent or mortgage, so that is no longer an excuse.

As far as it being to expensive to eat healthy; I understand this argument. I do. However, my response is always "you can't put a price on your health." A banana costs less than a doughnut. It is expensive to eat all organic, but that's a whole different story for a different blog. Don't mistake eating healthy for eating organic. While eating organic is great, you can still eat healthy without having to eat organic.

#5: "I wish I had willpower."
Here's the thing; you DO! You have to dig deep and pull that willpower out of you. Don't ever sell yourself short. You are strong and don't doubt that. Not to mention that you CAN have a serving of ice cream if you must, but you just have to make sure that it is within your caloric needs for the day. Write down everything you eat. Many times when you go to write it down, you will realize that you really don't need or even want that ice cream (or whatever your treat may be).

#6: "I don't have any motivation."
Refer to my post from yesterday and find your motivation in the answer to your "why" question. THAT is your motivation!

#7: "I am too fat."
Don't put yourself down. The first step to making yourself feel better is a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

#8: "I hate my body."
Well, you won't when you're done!! :) You will discover a new found love with your body once you see what you can accomplish!

#9: (I added this one because I've heard it a lot.) "It's too much work to keep track of my calories."
If you want results, you will do this. As I've mentioned before, you will get used to doing it and it will become second nature. Once you see the results, you will WANT to keep track. When you use an online tool it's even easier.

Now for today's menu (it looks a little familiar as sometimes it's just easier for me to repeat a day than to reinvent the wheel)...
  • Early Morning: 12 ounces brewed coffee, 1 tablespoon coffee mate creamer, 2 sugar packets-60 calories
  • Breakfast: 1 1/2 cup Kashi GoLean cereal with 1/2 banana and 3/4 cup 1% Stonyfield milk-Total for breakfast (382 calories)
  • Morning Snack: Trader Joe's granola bar-(150 calories)
  • Lunch: Amy's organic bowl of spaghetti and veggies-240 calories and 1 small apple-77 calories Total for lunch: (326 calories)
  • Afternoon Snack: Wallaby organic strawberry yogurt (150 calories) mixed with 1 teaspoon chia seeds (35 calories) Total: (185 calories)
  • Dinner: 2 cups spaghetti squash-78 calories with 2 cups Amy's Organic Vegetable Soup-200 calories (278 total calories)
  • "Snack": Glass of Riesling(5 oz)-(112 calories)
Total calories for the day: 1414 calories!! :)


I woke up late this morning (because I kept hitting snooze per the usual) and had to get my little one to daycare, so I told myself the classic, "I will workout when I put him to bed tonight." All day I was DREADING my workout, so it took every ounce of what I had left in me after today to do it at 7:30 pm. But given that I started this edition of the blog last night, I knew my topic was on excuses, so I couldn't excuse myself from doing it because I was "too tired". So, I did it and I'm happy I did! That doesn't mean that while I was doing it I didn't say about 50 times "I hate this" or "this sucks", but it's done...for today...and for that, I'm proud!

"You can be sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow, which one do you choose?" ~Unknown~

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  1. Yay I did it:) You would be proud after a long year of nothing besides the occasional walk I did a 30 min workout. I basically felt like my heart was going to pump out of my chest and I felt like I was going to vomit but I kept on going. It felt great!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Now to figure out my menu and count calories. I have to weigh myself and measure and set a goal but if I waited to do all that I would never get to the workout. Hopefully I can do that stuff tonight. Love You