Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I was reminiscing about a conversation I had back in 2010 after I had Nicholas. The conversation was between a woman at the gym and I. I told her, “There is no way I will ever get down to the size I was when I got married, but I am okay with that.”  

I remember that conversation vividly. Only one part of that statement was partially true: I honest to goodness believed that there was legitimately no way I would EVER get down to a size 4 again. I was at my smallest when I got married and I felt “good”.  The lie part of that statement was “I’m okay with that”.  I wasn’t okay with that. In no way shape or form was I okay with that.  

I’d say I was around 180 pounds when this conversation occurred and I was wearing a size 16.  I was tired all the time and not happy with myself. I had let myself go during pregnancy.  I did work out every day, but I ate to soothe my nausea and it caught up to me. (I also ate just b/c I wanted too! I had counted my calories for years and I used pregnancy as my free ticket to eat.) Bottom line reality is; it was NOT okay for me medically to gain 63 pounds during pregnancy.

When I slipped into my size 4 pants this morning I was so excited! The feeling of accomplishment is insane. I feel so incredibly blessed to have the ABILITY to work out (even though I’m not exercising during the Reset), to make healthy choices and take care of the body God has given me.

I am now on day 10 of the Ultimate Reset and I have never felt better!  I’m being serious. When I first heard of the Reset when it came out I didn’t believe any of it. I honestly thought it was a bunch of “crap”. It’s ONLY DAY 10 my friends and I feel better now than I did when I got married and it has nothing to do with the pants that I put on this morning. It has EVERYTHING to do with the smile on my face that I saw this morning. It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that my husband said to me last night, “so, this meal plan and these foods that you’re eating…I want to start eating like that too. I’ve never seen you with so much energy.”  My jaw dropped because he did not want to have anything to do with this when I started, but he is seeing significant changes in not just my pant size, but my attitude and overall outlook.

The first week was the most mentally arduous week hands down for me. I had headaches from caffeine withdrawal, I had joint pain from the toxins releasing, I could barely stomach drinking the Alkalinize supplement that helps bring your Ph levels to where they need to be to stabilize your immune system and bring your digestive system to where it needs to be.  I was angry over the first weekend because all I wanted was to enjoy a glass of wine with some friends and have Tastefully Simple’s Beer Bread at a party I went to.  I was legitimately mad that I couldn’t treat my body like crap.  Part of the Reset includes using these times to really reflect on you and find other “things” to turn to.  I have been doing a daily devotional and this has played a huge part in my mental transformation (again it’s only day 10)!! I fought the urges and remembered my “why” for doing this in the first place.

My whys:
  • To learn healthier eating habits
  • To have more energy
  • To clean out my system and see if it has an effect on my Multiple Sclerosis flairs
  • To take a break from exercise and internally treat my body the way it should be treated and to mentally get on track spiritually
One big lesson I learned in week 1 was in regards to water. I used to drink hardly ANY water…it was bad…maybe 12-16 ounces a day! Did you know that we are supposed to drink half our body weight in ounces a day worth of water?!  Many times during the day in the 1st week, I would get a little hungry between meals. Nothing major, but before the Reset I would have grabbed a snack. Instead I HAD TO grab water because you really can’t snack on the Reset.  3 wholesome meals a day and water…THAT. IS. IT.  So, I drank water and ta da I wasn’t hungry!  My body was thirsty!

Now I’m in week 2 and I’m feeling energized and am tackling household things that I haven’t in a while. I went to Starbucks because you are allowed an occasional caffeine free herbal tea. I went in and thought it would be torture to smell the coffee, but I was oddly perfectly fine. Not even tempted for that matter!  I haven’t had headaches in days now from not having caffeine and I have more energy now because of the foods I’m eating than I ever did when I was drinking coffee.  Decaf for me once this is over…I do miss the taste:)

I had an interesting conversation today:

Woman I know through work: "Have you been running?" she asks with that inquisitive you look like you have lost weight look.

Me: "No I actually haven't worked out in 10 days"

Woman: "What?! Your skin looks glowing; your hair is so healthy looking. What have you been doing..."

Me: "Well the Ultimate Reset of course..." 

It really is amazing to feel and see this happening and even though some people have made comments that I'm "looking really skinny", I am at a healthy weight I FEEL great! Oh and did I mention that my MS symptoms are almost non-existent?! Woot woot!! I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end!  

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