Monday, March 12, 2012

Are you SERIOUS!! PLUS...bye bye Insanity (for now)

Are you serious!!??!! I am "FIT" to be tied ;) I am teary eyed just starting this post; the drama the drama I know, but I am proud, ecstatic and in shock!

I decided to take a look at the wayyyy back abyss area of my closet and touched (for the first time since my honeymoon) pants that I haven't worn since then; September 2009! Most of you know that I was blessed enough to get pregnant on my honeymoon. Coming out of the hospital after having my little man, I was in a size 14 or 16 (depending on the pant). I had gone from a size 4/6 (again, depending on the pant) to a post pregnancy 14 or 16.

Given that my hubby and I have recently gone through a financial makeover and are on track to becoming "fiscally fit" I have realized that buying new clothes is simply not in the budget; especially when I have a closet (or 2) full of pants that (I didn't think) fit!

Most of you saw my post on FB tonight: "Went for a 3.6 mile run w/ the little man! I must say that getting back on the road for a run felt AMAZING (and I loathe running)! I don't know if it was amazing b/c of the weather, having my little guy with me, my Pandora radio, Vibram shoes (first time running in them), the energy that I have from Shakeology (I oddly do have a little more energy; I was a skeptic) or the stamina I acquired from doing Insanity?!?! Whatever it is (maybe a combination of all of the above)...makes me feel FANTASTIC!!"

I started to get my bag packed for the gym in the morning (since I am done Insanity...more on that later). I was sifting through the same old pants that I am sooo incrediblyyy sickkk of wearrrinnggg. I grabbed a pair of pants from the abyss and said to myself, "Oh the hell with it. Just try them on! They probably won't go over your thighs, but at least you'll know." Well HOT DAMN they FIT!!! Boo Yah! Hot Digity! Shazam! Holy shiznit! Size 6 baby! From a size 16 in July of 2010 to a size 6!!! Words can simply not explain the joy and pride running through my body right now. I'm not bragging; I'm proud because there is a difference. :)

I'm also SHOCKED! I knew my Insanity workouts and the counting calories would work, but part of me felt like there was NO way I would fit back into those clothes. Proved myself wrong now didn't I?!?! (I hope you're proving yourself wrong too!)

How did I do this you ask? Counting calories (a MUST) and workouts; most recently Insanity by Beach Body. (I will admit thought that I had days, sometimes a few in a row, where I didn't count all.)

Ahhhhhh....freedom! Well, not quite, but almost! I finished my 60 day crazy hell otherwise known as Insanity! (It took me 67 days due to that darn stomach bug that was going around and put me out of commission for a week, but none-the-less; it's over.) Insanity is rightly named because it was truly insane! It was insanely hard, insanely tiring & insanely gratifying! I would recommend Insanity to anyone who is "insane" enough to give it a shot!! (Ask me how you can get your hands on one of the Beach Body workouts. If you're looking to do Insanity, Sean T. (pictured above) is who you will be looking at for 60 days...enough said! :) (No, I am not a sales person for Beach Body, but I can put you in touch with someone who is; and no, I do not get a commission from her. I just really believe in these workouts...especially if you are someone who "doesn't have time" to get to a gym.)

Insanity is no joke. You literally have 30 seconds to get a drink of water in between circuits. Of course you can stop at any time and compose yourself, but 30 seconds (sometimes no break) is what you get. While I hated every minute; I loved every minute. I felt tired. I felt strong. I felt defeated (when I couldn't do a jack pushup). I felt accomplished (when I could do a pushup without being on my knees).

I feel more energized. I feel stronger. I feel leaner. More importantly; I feel HEALTHY!! For me this goes way beyond fitting into my size 4s or 6s. It goes deep down to fight my MS. To fight against my hereditary high cholesterol. To fight against all of that crap!! It is NOT just skin is deep down to my core!

Am I done? No! I am still a few pounds away from my overall goal, but I feel proud of what I have accomplished so far. Tomorrow I start heading back to the gym and doing my circuits and running every other day. In April I will be working out at Frank Nash Training Systems for a month. I am so darn excited and scared crap-less all at the same time:) He is an amazing fitness expert and I'm looking forward to learning from him!

Enough about me ladies and gentleman! What are you up to? Are you reaching your goals and if not, why? Don't be ashamed! Just ask yourself what is stopping you? Please please please do not give up! Please send me a message if you'd like because I'd love to hear from you either on FB or

I will be posting soon my final Insanity Fit Test results and my weight loss results. I will say that while I am happy with my progress, I have a little ways to go...after all...those size 4's are still hanging in that closet;)

Quote of the day: "Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they DON'T QUIT!" ~Conrad Hilton~

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